At a time when new businesses are being created at a record rate, there has never been a greater demand for business-funding opportunities. A SSAS can offer the ideal option.

Unique business capital raising features of a SSAS include the ability to:

  • Loan funds back to the client’s business – with the added benefit of interest paid to the SSAS rather than to the bank
  • Purchase shares in the client’s business.

Many SSAS clients also take comfort from the ability to retain an element of control over their business in their role as a scheme trustee. And, by having that element of control, a SSAS can also be an ideal tool for business succession planning.

To take advantage of such opportunities, we can be on hand to:

  • Provide all documentation necessary to establish the scheme
  • Register the scheme with HM Revenue and Customs, as well as the Pensions Regulator and the Information Commissioner’s Office if required
  • Establish all scheme records
  • Facilitate initial funding – by pension transfer and/or contributions.