The income and capital gains tax exemptions afforded to SIPPs marry almost perfectly with an income-producing – and possibly capital-appreciating – asset like commercial property.

Many business owners also take advantage of a SIPP commercial property solution to:

  • Raise capital from business premises
  • Remove mortgage debt or personal guarantees attached to business premises
  • Achieve succession plans.

With @sipp handling the property purchase, you don’t just get an administrator renowned for high standards of personal service and specialist expertise – you also have a range of benefits, including:

High level service standards
Set times for processing:

  • SIPP establishment
  • Property purchase administration
  • General property administration.
Access to our Solicitor Panel
  • The conveyancing process being handled by an experienced firm with the proven expertise in dealing with similar SIPP transactions
  • Agreed processes and the benefit of established service level standards
  • Specially negotiated rates.
Access to bespoke insurance cover through our block policy
  • More stable premiums – through economies of scale and a premium stability clause
  • Wider cover than usually available for individual property cover, with extra cover provided for material damage to buildings and for loss of rent
  • The ‘average’ condition waived, where each property is surveyed as part of the rent review process.