For us, flexibility and service excellence go hand-in-hand. So we strive to support the widest possible range of investment options for advisers and their clients.

Our SIPPs offer:

  • Open architecture design – allowing investments to be selected from whole of market
  • No additional charges by @sipp for buying, selling or switching standard assets (excluding commercial property)
  • In-house expertise to support commercial property transactions.

With all the appropriate risk and governance controls in place, we can also administer non-standard asset types safely.

We hold capital in excess of the FCA capital requirements and, in common with long-standing operating practice, expect to hold a margin between 20% and 30% above the regulatory capital threshold.

This has allowed @sipp to remain capable of supporting the widest range of investment options, at a time when many other SIPP operators have decided to either withdraw or scale back the level of non-standard assets they allow.

Download our Permitted Investments Schedule (PDF)